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426 Testimonials

January 28, 2021


Christopher Hinojosa


“'I’m just glad that I'm able to help. I do it for the school and its students. I do it for those parents who both work in order to send their kids there, ‘cause they may want something better for their kids or to maybe have a little of what they had when they went there. 

I do it for the school that gave me the brothers I still have to this day.”







Paul A. Rocha ‘90


Here are some of the reasons for giving back to Holy Cross:

Education was extremely important to my parents, therefore, to me as well. I’ve spent my life in school or connected to institutions of learning. The amount of access and opportunities that having an education gives you is immeasurable. I am forever grateful for the education and everything else Holy Cross provided for me. 


I think the first thing that stood out to me was the culture of Holy Cross. I came to Holy Cross from public school and in the public school I attended it was not cool to be smart or excel in academics. Right away I noticed the exact opposite was true at Holy Cross. You were held to a higher standard. 


My parents will always be my parents and they shaped my life prior to attending Holy Cross, but the people at Holy Cross reinforced those same values that my parents gave me. When I stop and think about it, I feel like I spent more time with my teachers and coaches during those four years than I did with my parents. I am thankful and I know my parents were thankful that I was surrounded by such great people. Those people served as our fathers and mothers away from home, and their guidance and support were critical to my success in life. 


Hearing the stories of distinguished alumni like Emilio Garza, Ricardo Cedillo and Roger Metzger allowed me to dream about the possibilities. Having a mentor like Frank Guerra helped me navigate the college process and educational opportunities, something my parents had no idea about. His guidance will always be greatly appreciated. 


LL COOL J BUS RIDES(Coach Cedillo)

NO FREE LUNCH (Brother Rene)


These are just a few examples of the numerous life lessons that have stayed with me and that I still refer back to today.


I also have no doubt that to this day, if I called one of my classmates, coaches, instructors or another alumni, they would do everything they could to help me. These are some of the reasons that I give back Holy Cross and will continue to do so.





Mando Gamboa, ‘75


The reason I contribute to the 426 program, I believe in giving back and helping the school to continue to be competitive and to attract students from all areas of the city. As an alumnus I feel that in giving back it helps me stay connected to Holy Cross.  





Andrew M Sanchez, '04



I am beyond grateful for everything that Holy Cross has given me. Since day one, Mr. Marengo embedded such great life values into our hearts and minds. Faith, Respect, Pride, Integrity, Ambition and Wisdom; these values have helped me to excel in both my career and my family life. The Brotherhood of 20+ year friendships, the countless stories that never get old, and the memories that continue to be made year after year are just a few things that I will always cherish. The 426 impact is everlasting! If all it takes is a few less cases of beer a month to help a future Holy Cross student gain a life changing experience, I’m in! This is my way of showing gratitude and paying it forward. Hoping to keep the school functioning, and to help those in need of financial assistance so their child can have an opportunity at a greater education. I hope to teach my children about the values I have learned from this school and be able to show them around someday.