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Athletics-Frequently Asked Questions


  • Will fans be able to attend contests during the 2020-2021 seasons?

            According to State guidelines at this time 50% capacity is the limit for contests.  Therefore, all contests/sports may have no more than 50% capacity for seating during                  games.  If seating is offered to home fans, then seating must be offered for visitors.  Some schools may elect to not allow fans for some of their contests.

  • Since there is a limit to attendance at games.  How will you determine who can attend the contest?

            We are strongly considering pre-sale tickets for ALL HOME CONTESTS to ensure that the 50% capacity is not exceeded.  At this time we would offer tickets to parents first             and most likely set a ticket limit for families.  

  • If I come to the game will I be required to wear a mask?

            Masks must be worn at all indoor contests and outdoor contests if attendance exceeds 100 people.  Social distancing guidelines must be observed.

  • If I cannot attend the game will there be an opportunity to listen or view it online?

            We are currently researching the opportunity for on-line pay-per-view for some/all of our games.  We will need sponsorships to make this happen.  Advertising for contests will             be provided and money raised in pay-per-view will help offset expenses/lost revenue in ticket sales.  If you know of any company who would be interested in this advertising             opportunity please let us know.

  • Will we play the maximum number of contests?

            No.  As of right now, the number of cross country, football and volleyball contests have been reduced and the seasons extended.  You can expect the same for winter and             possibly spring sports moving forward.

  • Will teams be allowed to play in tournaments?

            As of right now, there will be no tournaments in volleyball and most likely basketball and soccer as well.  These restrictions may extend into the spring seasons as well.